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Special Issue 11 0 20 40 60 80 100 Special Issue 11 Pest Management The most widely reported practice growers used in four different categories to control weeds, diseases and insects. 98 % 87 % 86 % 70 % Monitoring Scout, sample and count diseased potatoes each year Avoidance Rotate crops during the last 3 years Prevention Clean equipment and implements after field work to reduce the spread of pests Suppression Use pesticides with different modes of action to avoid resistance Source: USDA NASS Always read and follow label directions. Endura, Priaxor and Serifel are registered trademarks of BASF. © 2018 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved. The spraying window for Serifel biofungicide is between 50 and 120 degrees, meaning it can easily be applied in most growing conditions. It's also UV tolerant. It survived seven days when exposed to intense UV light such as what would be found at the equator. It can also tolerate up to 120 degrees after application. Unlike most biofungicides on the market, Serifel biofungicide is rainfast within only three hours. "You can apply Serifel biofungicide and have confidence that it won't wash away," said Mila Pearce, BASF Product Manager.

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