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the USPB International Retail Program? USPotatoes.com DOYOUKNOW The OBJECTIVE of the program is to drive increased sales of U.S. fresh and processed potatoes at retail in the international markets. The OPPORTUNITY is the rapid modernization of the retail sector in the Board's target markets and the ever increasing demand by consumers for new U.S. food products. The STRATEGIES employed are to: Increase the use of U.S. potatoes and potato products through new channels, new applications, and the introduction of new products. Protect and grow U.S. market share by demonstrating and promoting the superior quality, variety, versatility, and availability of U.S. potatoes and potato products. Protect U.S. market share in established markets through maintenance programs. The key ACTIVITIES employed are to work with international retailers to introduce new U.S. potato varieties and potato products to consumers. This is done through in-store retail promotions, in-store sampling, training seminars for produce associates, the development of point of sale materials, and storage and handling seminars. Similar to the domestic program, the USPB also works with retailers to test new and promising best practices to determine if they increase sales. The PRODUCTS covered are fresh table-stock potatoes, frozen potatoes, and dehydrated potatoes with the emphasis varying based on market access and presence of the products in the markets. The TARGET MARKETS are Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Central America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. to reduce dirt buildup on stars; 2) the Ellis quick adjust table distributes potatoes evenly to increase capacity and remove loose soil and has stiffer finger stars; 3) the Ellis quick adjust table with curved stars uses the SS table 6- and 12- finger stars with the quick adjust table; 4) Harriston also is introducing the Evolution separator. e Evolution separator has deformable spiral rollers, adjustable dirt rollers for gentle or aggressive cleaning action, it can increase or decrease the speed of six spiral rollers and six dirt rollers and dirt roller direction can be reversed. e Evolution separator ts on all Harriston dirt eliminating machines as well as most harvesters and windrowers. Go to harriston-mayo.com for more information. Lockwood Lockwood is introducing a new line of belted cup planters. e cup planters are vailable in 4-row, 6-row or 8-row model options. Belted cup planter features include: • Provide consistent seed depth, adjustable for dierent eld conditions • Radar controlled hydraulic drive for more accurate seed spacing • Steerable axles with return to center standard on all models • All models come with GPS capabilities • Frame height control optional on all pull type models See the Lockwoodmfg.com website for more information. Lockwood belted cup planter www.spudman.com • February 2016 17

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